INSULAE project on Unije recognized the importance of active citizen engagement from the very start and keeps not only informing but also including the islanders in its endeavours. Representatives of the Regional Energy Agency Kvarner, University of Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Ericsson Nikola Tesla Ltd., Water Supply and Drainage Cres Losinj Ltd. and WWF Adria – Association for Nature Protection and Biodiversity Conservation visited Unije last week as part of their regular project activities on the island, but were also very happy to accept the invitation to take part in the programme of the local Sunset Unije (Diverse) Festival – SU(r)F that will last throughout the whole summer. SU(r)F is a creative product of islanders, for islanders, an effort to turn the creativity, enthusiasm and potential of the Unije Island community into a joint project, open to all interested individuals or organizations who want to offer a particular program and coordinated in a way to enable rich and continuous events for islanders and their guests.

This festival of arts, culture, ecology, energy, technology and sports on the island of Unije brings together local community, tourists, enthusiasts, amateur and professional artists, athletes and adventurers, in the natural isolation of the island of Unije, with activities such as practical and theoretical workshops, seminars, public actions, sports competitions, cultural events and similar.

INSULAE team took part in the realization of several energy-related activities from July 13-15.

The three-day educational and informative activities began with a DIY (do-it-yourself) solar kits workshop for young researchers (age 6+), followed by a series of educational presentations for adults, as well as a conversation with locals about INSULAE activities that are taking place on the island. There was also a guided visit to the Unije’s desalination unit, a presentation of the INSULAE EnergyBox and youth workshops on how to build a weather station and on AI and self-propelled vehicles.

Events were attended by a number of locals who not only learned more about INSULAE and green energy in general, but decided to take more active part in the project by applying for the EnergyBox installations. The devices have been installed in a dozen of households, and reservations are underway for a new round of installations in fall.