Follower island: Marie-Galante


Energy profile:

The total annual electricity consumption amounts to about 34 GWh, not counting the electricity produced and self-consumed by a sugar cane plant.

The local energy sources counting for about one-third of the local electricity consumption are wind and solar power. These assets are owned and operated by private independent power producers under long term PPAs whose prices were approved by the French Commission of Energy Regulation (CRE).

Two-thirds of the electricity consumption is supplied by the Guadeloupean grid which is carbonized by more than 85% from fossil fuel generation plants.

Grid profile:

Marie-Galante 20 kV grid is interconnected with the 20 kV grid of the Guadeloupean Archipelago through a 30 kV underwater cable. The distribution network is owned by the Syndicat Mixte d’Electricité de la Guadeloupe (SyMEG), a public body grouping the municipalities of the Guadeloupe, and operated though a concession contract by EDF SEI (EDF Island power systems).

Goals and objectives:

Potential innovations to be implemented and main challenges:

taking into account projects already planned or under implementation for the decarbonization of the energy system of the island, the replication of some use cases proposed by INSULAE would be of great interest for boosting the energy transition of the island in relation with the agriculture and transport sectors. The use case tested in Unije for the smart integration and control of water and energy systems could be implemented for a pilot desalination plant project fueled by flexible RES already under considered as an option for the development of high-value market gardening products in Marie-Galante island.

Main use cases for replication: