Followers islands

  • Spain

Currently, Menorca is isolated from the Balearic island electric system, and it will remain disconnected, at least, until 2020, when the cable for the Mallorca-Menorca link will be substituted.

  • Germany

There exists a low voltage 400V and medium voltage 20 kV, 147 km cable network, 49 transformers, 2.500 access nodes, Gas (low pressure, medium pressure), 3,4 km network, 2.000 access nodes, 7 independent local heating networks. 76 km of pipe network and 2 water mining sites.

  • France

The total annual electricity consumption amounts to about 34 GWh, not counting the electricity produced and self-consumed by a sugar cane plant.

The local energy sources counting for about one-third of the local electricity consumption are wind and solar power. These assets are owned and operated by private independent power producers under long term PPAs whose prices were approved by the French Commission of Energy Regulation (CRE).

  • Greece

The total annual electricity consumption is almost 200.000 MWh (1.800 MWh in Psara). The most energy-consuming sector is the residential buildings, as it occupies a merit of 52%, whereas 31.9% of it is consumed by the commercial sector.