Madeira lighthouse partners, ACIF and EEM (local energy provider) hosted two online events in 2021 in Portuguese to engage with their citizens. In the opening sessions of both events INSULAE activities were briefly introduced to the attendants.

In the first event the panel was joined by the Regional Director for Economy and Land transport, Isabel Rodrigues who spoke essentially of the support available for the purchase of electric vehicles (EV) and legal matters. EEM’s representative spoke about the technologies to work on and develop within the scope of INSULAE, namely smart chargers and bidirectional charging, how users can participate in the project and the benefits it offers.  The mobility provider guest (NISSAN) shared facts about the costs of electromobility. Finally, an invited citizen shared his motivation to purchase an EV and his overall experience.

In the second webinar, the intention was to specify in more detail the equipment to be used in Madeira within the scope of INSULAE and how electric vehicle owners can participate in the project (users’ engagement). The mobility company representative spoke about bidirectional loading (V2G) and initiatives while energy storage provider (EFACEC) presented the developments and technological innovations in smart (V1G) and bidirectional (V2G) chargers to be implemented in Madeira, within the scope of INSULAE. Finally, EEM addressed the opportunities for electric vehicle owners and how to participate in INSULAE.

Both events ended with a very participative Q&A session.