On October 31st of 2023, in Electricity Museum located in EEM headquarters in Funchal, was held the final event of the INSULAE project in Madeira, with a presentation of the actions and infrastructures deployed under the Madeira lighthouse.

The opening session was chaired by the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, and also included interventions from the Presidents of EEM and ACIF-CCIM, INSULAE partners in Madeira.

After the initial presentation, Leon Nielsen from CIRCE Foundation (coordinator of INSULAE project) remotely presented the global vision of the INSULAE project, sharing information about the execution of the project in the different lighthouses.

Subsequently, the solutions implemented at Madeira lighthouse were  elaborated. The technologies and equipment were presented by EFACEC and the Use Cases by EEM, namely Use Case 6 “Electrification of transport on the Island” and Use Case 7 “Stabilization of the grid through improved assets and interconnections”.

The event was attended by more than 70 participants, who were invited to fill out a questionnaire about their opinion on the INSULAE project and also on electric mobility in Madeira.

There was also an opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas between participants in a networking café.

This event was reported by the three major local newspapers “Diário de Notícias – Madeira”, “Funchal Notícias” and “Jornal da Madeira” and was disseminated by the regional television channel “RTP Madeira” on the highly-watched news segment “Telejornal Madeira”.