Stefano Barberis from RINA consulting presented the PV and the battery energy storage system (BESS) integration on islands for the case of Unije during the workshop on Energy Transition on European Islands while four other H2020 demonstration projects were also presented (SMILE, GIFT, REACT and ROBINSON).

The main goal of INSULAE is to foster the deployment of innovative solutions aiming to the EU islands decarbonization by developing and demonstrating at three Lighthouse Islands (Bornholm – DK, Madeira – PT, Unije – HR) a set of interventions linked to seven replicable use cases, whose results will validate an Investment Planning Tool that will be then demonstrated at four Follower Islands (Psara – GR, Nordeney – D, Menorca – ES, Marie Galante – FR) for the development of four associated Action Plans.

Sustainable places is a platform for the dissemination of research, the conduct of workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders of all types. SP2020 was held over four days in digital event format and was attended by 600 people. Between opening and closing keynote sessions, parallel technical sessions and project-organized workshops were held on conference topic areas.