INSULAE Project progresses in its demonstration activities to achieve the energy transition of the islands


Portuguese partners have completed the installation of the first fast and intelligent charging station for electric vehicles which is available on Madeira Island, at Rua José da Silva “Saca”, Old City of Funchal. It currently has restricted and controlled use (limited to users and 100% electric vehicles participating in the project), outside the national public charging network.

This technology will allow an intelligent control over the power use from charging of electric vehicles, with the main objective of improving the integration of electric energy from renewable energy sources, while at the same time providing system services to the electric grid.

This charging station is an adapted version of the well-known rapid charger from technological partner Efacec – QC45, allowing the charging of electric vehicles up to 50 kW of charging power in direct current and up to 22 kW in alternating current. The adaptation developed under this project allows this charger to be connected to an aggregation platform, which transforms the charging points of 100% electric vehicles into flexibility assets for the network operator, enabling the increased integration of renewables in the energy system, without compromising the mobility of electric vehicle users.

The 25 future users of this charging station were subject to a selection process initiated by EEM and ACIF-CCIM, agreeing with the terms of use of the tests. and pilot demonstrations that the project proposes.

The installation and pilot demonstration of a second smart charger for electric vehicles, the QC60 will soon be deployed. The QC60 has a configuration of CHAdeMO| CCS | AC22 (outlet), with fast charges up to 60 kW (direct current) and semi-rapid charges up to 22 kW (alternating current), capable of charging up to 3 vehicles at the same time.