Industrial and Commercial Association of Funchal
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira


Brief Description:

ACIF CCIM (Industrial and Commercial Association of Funchal – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira) is a multisectoral business association and also Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira Archipelago (PT00050). It is a private and non-profit multisectoral Association, founded in 1836. We represent employers and companies acting in Madeira Island, defending its interests. As Economic Partner, our action is directed at up-holding the free competition between companies.

This Association has about 800 associated companies, from all sectors (commerce, industry, services and tourism) most of which are SME. To better protect the interests of its members and provide services according to their needs, ACIF-CCIM has 17 employees in addition, spread over six departments (Events and Communication; Training and Projects; Associates and Partnerships; Legal; Administrative and Financial; ICT).

ACIF-CCIM is responsible for developing a variety of activities, in particular a wide range of business services, including information and support for businesses; vocational training; company missions; fairs; conferences; events; representation and defend of the interests of its members; reinforcing the role of business associations on both national and international levels, among others.

We have developed, over the years, several projects for companies, with particular emphasis on pioneering initiatives in the tourism sector – particularly in the area of energy efficiency, training-consulting, e-commerce and applications for mobile devices, trade and services, among others. They were co-financed in several funds like EEA Grants, CIP, Interreg MAC, Interreg Atlantic Area, COSME, H2020 and Structural Funds.

With regard to our participation in European networks ACIF-CCIM began its experience in 1989 with Euro Info Centre and has continued in 2008 as Enterprise Europe Network partner, until now. ACIF-CCIM has also represented in Madeira Europe Direct network.

Main task and responsibilities:

As representative entity of regional companies, ACIF-CCIM will be the link with the Madeiran companies in order to involve them in the project activities (WP7), and will also be strongly engaged in the work packages with less technological character, such as communication and dissemination activities (WP10). ACIF will be the leader of Task 10.4 Public bodies, citizen and tourism engagement through promotion activities: Workshops and Showcases.