KEMA Laboratories


Brief Description:

KEMA Laboratories has the ambition to continue to play a key role in making the power grid more reliable, safe and resilient. It has the ambition to facilitate the energy transition, embrace digital technologies and support grid owners, operators and industry to create a stable, greener and affordable power system.

KEMA Laboratories is now part of CESI. It has over 90 years of experience in testing inspections and certification. The KEMA brand is renowned globally as the gold standard for quality. Our testing, inspections and certification activities are internationally recognized for their quality and integrity. Our main product is the KEMA Type Test Certificate, which is issued if a component successfully passes an internationally recognized type test program in our laboratories. For our customers, the award of a KEMA Type Test Certificate is a respected indicator of the reliability and safety of their products.

Main task and responsibilities:

KEMA, together with the project partners, will innovate and create future power electronics interfaces to efficiently integrate renewables into the island power system therefore achieve the decarbonization goal. Utilizing its island renewable integration expertise worldwide, KEMA will leverage its renewable integration expertise ranging from smart grid design, technical stability assessment to AGC (automatic generation control), optimal dispatch for the creation of island power system with high penetration of renewables. The technology developed herein will be validated and tested in an industrial medium-voltage, megawatt level, Flexible Power Grid Lab operated by KEMA.