PPC Renewables


Brief Description:

PPC Renewables SA (PPCR) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Power Corporation SA, Greece’s largest power generation company. In 2006, PPC Renewables inherited all Renewable Energy Source (RES) related activities (wind, small hydroelectric, solar and geothermal) from PPC, including all its technological innovation, know-how and expertise in the field of power generation.

The company encompasses a huge know how on the field of renewables with experience in demo projects dating back to the early 80s, when the Department of Alternative Energy Forms was founded by the parent company PPC. The department was responsible for tracking, recording and studying the country’s wind, solar and geothermal potential as well as other alternative sources for the production of electric power, for experimental or commercial utilization, and their integration into the PPC energy production plan.

The invaluable expertise and experience gained was to be utilized a few years later both in the shaping of national policy regarding RES and in the development of the sector by private investors. For a brief period until the early 90s, PPC’s interest in RES appeared confined to the islands, where the cost of running conventional power plants was exceedingly high. However, following the reform of the legislative framework and improvement of incentives, the conditions for RES changed dramatically.

Over the last decade, the aforementioned know-how was carried over to PPCR and the company was able to move at a rapid pace via flexible actions and compete directly with private producers. Consequently, the new company was able to collaborate with private contractors and producers to carry out projects, and was eligible for investment subsidies. Currently, PPCR employs 75 members of staff comprising a mixture of experienced personnel and highly skilled new engineers and scientist.

The company is involved in all RES-related projects, currently realizing an ambitious expansion plan with new and repowering wind projects as well as in Geothermal and Biomass and hybrid power plants pipeline. PPC Renewables generates electricity with no adverse impact on the environment with an overall pipeline of projects in different stages of development amounting more than 330MW. The key persons involved in the proposed work hold significant experience in running and managing EU projects in the field of energy and renewables.

Main task and responsibilities:

PPCR main tasks could be summarised as:

  • WP2: Participation in T2.1, T2.3 and T2.4. PPCR will have a valuable role on the implementation of these tasks for the definition and parameterization of the Reference Islands, from the perspective of the relevant stakeholder.

  • WP3: Assistance on the gathering of the required IPT specifications and user needs in Task 3.1.

  • WP8: Participation on the activities related to the replication of the proposed solutions in Psara (Greek Follower island) through the application of the IPT (Task 8.2). PPCR, as a relevant stakeholder and a company with numerous investments related to installation of RES plants in islands, will also assist on the activities of T8.1, T8.2, T8.3 T8.4 and T8.5.