Marie – Galante

Marie- Galante

Caribbean Sea

Brief Description:

MARYSE COPPET Lawfirm is located in Brussels and Guadeloupe. Led by Maryse Lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2000 and specialised in European Law. It deals mainly with issues related to energy and health.

The firm opened an office in Guadeloupe in 2012 and has a mission to develop sustainable projects in the islands of the Caribbean and Guyana. It implements territorial development strategies for these territories.

The lawfim Maryse COPPET is also the manager of the Industrial Demonstrator project for the Sustainable City “Marie-Galante Ile Durable”. This project aims to make Marie-Galante the first French island territory 100% energy-autonomous by 2020.

Main task and responsibilities:

The firm is the national pilot of the project “Marie-Galante île durable” winner of the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Overseas. The project was also selected by the European Islands Secretariat.

Marie-Galante Sustainable Island is built around three majors development axes:

  • – 100% renewable energy autonomy
  • – Development of diversification crops
  • – Sustainable tourism development

In the field of energy, the firm establishes the link between the community the CCMG (community of communes of Marie Galante) which gathers all the communities of the island and the CNR (company National of the Rhone), the industrial partner of the project. As pilot of the project the cabinet validates what project will be implemented on the territory.

The project aims to demonstrate that clean technologies and good practices (including energy management, power consumption and electricity networks) helps to facilitate territorial energy self-sufficiency through viable and efficient economic models that are suitable for the renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grids sectors while boosting the development of local activities in the agriculture and tourism sectors.