Brief Description:

Suite5 is an Information Technology Solutions and Services SME delivering innovative data-driven intelligence solutions capitalizing on state-of-the art technologies and addressing major business and industrial vertical domains. Suite5 provides a wide set of IT, data and software engineering and consulting services by developing breakthrough scientific and technological solutions to solve the needs of consumers, companies and governments.

By combining strong technology know-how and real-word experience in managing and implementing projects, Suite5 has developed a large portfolio of services that range from innovative and evidence-based research to practical support to private and public-sector clients with main focus on intelligence generation, analytics extraction and exploration, decision support, project management, strategic development, performance monitoring and benchmarking. Suite5 has a long-standing experience in the provision of datadriven and data-inspired services in large, demanding and multi-disciplinary projects in a number of domains.

In the area of energy and smart grids, Suite5 has developed and continuously enhances an innovative and modular Occupancy Profiling and Personalization Toolset based on explicit and implicit user feedback (acquiring and analysing user interaction data through various interfaces). Its purpose is to infer context-aware user preferences and comfort boundaries through generic abstraction models that can then be used for a number of different application, including building energy performance simulation, demand flexibility analysis, human-centric building automation and optimization without degradation in the perceived indoor environment.

The toolset allows for the extraction of context-aware demand flexibility profiling, enabling the quantification, in real time, of the discomfort caused by the reduction or shifting of specific loads. Subsequently, this is translated into dynamic demand flexibility functions that feed demand side control and optimization strategies.

On top of this framework, Suite5 has built a novel Visual Analytics Platform that has been developed, enhanced and validated in several European R&D projects (H2020-FLEXCoop, H2020-UtilitEE) which allows for accurate short-term demand flexibility forecasting, as well as additional features, including demand segmentation, classification, clustering and optimized aggregation.

Main task and responsibilities:

Suite5 will conduct the definition and parameterization of the reference islands, being the leader of WP2 and of Taks 2.1 Islands parametrization including values ranges and dependences assessment. Suite5 will develop the big data platform and Common Information Model, being responsible for the leadership of Task 4.1.