WWF Adria

association for the protection of nature and conservation biological diversity


Brief Description:

WWF Adria’s purpose is nature conservation and environmental protection and its primary scope, in line with values and strategies of WWF International and the global network of organizations affiliated to WWF International, is the conservation of the natural environment, biological diversity and ecological processes in the Adria and Mediterranean regions.

The Association is committed to the conservation of biological diversity, fauna and flora, ecosystems, landscapes, water, soils, clean air, ecological processes and life support systems, services rendered by ecosystems and other natural resources, with the aim of guaranteeing that their use is done in a sustainable and fair manner so as to contribute to improve the wellbeing of current and future generations and to build a future in which humans lives in harmony with nature.

Main task and responsibilities:

WWF Adria’s responsibility in this project is two-fold: (i) to actively participate in development of baseline strategies / plans to ensure uniform project implementation in all envisaged locations, and (ii) to provide internal assessment of environmental impacts in order to minimize effects on the environment in the case of island Unije, Croatia. Therefore, WWF Adria will actively participate in the following:

  • work package 1 (Management and coordination): full engagement in all activities

  • work package 2 (Reference islands definition and parameterization): expert support to activities related to environmental issues, gender equality and public involvement.

  • work package 4 (Modelling, simulation, engineering and equipment development for the LightHouse demonstrations): participation in planning/ designing solutions for Unije, in order to be able to properly assess environmental impacts.

  • work package 5 (Demonstration in Unije): assessment of environmental impacts of planned interventions.

  • work package 8 (INSULAE use cases and solutions replication): expert support related to environment in determination of reference islands.

  • work package 9 (Business cases and exploitation strategies): support, as needed, for development of business cases.

  • work package 10 (Communication and dissemination activities): expert support for development of communication strategy and active contribution to dissemination activities.