institution regional energy agency kvarner


Brief Description:

Regional Energy Agency Kvarner (REA Kvarner Ltd.) was established in 2009 by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County as a non-profit public owned enterprise. Its main objective was to promote and encourage sustainable regional development in the field of energy through the use of renewable energy sources and by introducing energy efficiency.

Further tasks included drafting energy balance sheets and action plans, implementing various energy efficiency measures, and providing support and technical assistance to different regional public stakeholders. REA Kvarner implemented and managed RES and EE projects for the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, prepared annual and 3-year energy action plans of the County, and Sustainable energy action plans for cities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors, being the author of all the existing SEAPs of local authorities in this region.

Apart from being active on the regional and national level, the Agency had a strong focus on international cooperation and activities.

Among many others, two ongoing projects should be stressed:

  • SIMPLA (Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector PLAnning)

    Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme, focused on empowering public authorities to develop, implement and finance sustainable energy policies and actions by creating the conditions for a smart integration between SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plans) and SUMPs (Sustainable Urban mobility Plans) – or similar plans – in cities (duration: 02/2016 – 01/2019).

  • LOCATIONS (Low Carbon Transport in Cruise Destination Cities)

    Funded by the Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Mediterranean 2014 -2020, with the objective of supporting local public administrations in drafting Low-Carbon Transport and mobility Plans (LCTPs) with measures dedicated to cruise-related passengers and freight flows, contributing to decongest the city traffic and to lower the production of greenhouse gases (Duration: 11/2016 – 10/2019).

The Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner was founded in December 2017 with the aim of continuing and extending the tasks previously implemented by REA Kvarner Ltd., while keeping its staff and sharing its goals.

Main task and responsibilities:

Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner will be one of the partners included as Unije lighthouse partners, actively participating in the proposed activities for Unije island. Institution Regional Energy Agency Kvarner will lead Task 4.2 Unije LightHouse demonstrataion preparatory activities.