faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture, university of zagreb


Brief Description:

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb is the oldest and largest among related faculties in Croatia and it is one of the leading technical higher-educational and research institutions in the region of South East Europe. UZ-FSB consist of 14 departments and 41 chairs and has 51 laboratories. The Faculty has approximately 400 staff, 240 of them are teaching and research staff from full professors to junior researchers and research assistants. There are now over 2,300 students enrolled in the study programmes. It has traditionally strong presence in Croatian research areas of energy and process engineering, environmental management, material science, transport, advanced product design, engineering mechanics, robotics, production system automation, industrial engineering, naval architecture and aerospace engineering.

The Faculty is achieving to become part of the European network through a variety of European research, teaching and cohesion fund projects, bilateral projects and exchange programmes for students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

UNIZAG FSB experts have huge experience in scientific research on the subject of renewable energy integration in the island systems, including planning of energy systems in general, as well as expert work on sustainable energy action plans for island municipalities. This experience and success in implementation of projects in the field are guarantee for the value of contribution of UZ-FSB to the project goals.

Main task and responsibilities:

  • Working on Islands Parametrization with particular focus on Croatian islands (small bellow 1000 inhabitants, medium from 1000-10000 inhabitants and large 10000-20000 inhabitants).

  • KPI for island development and its correlation with Croatian index of development of islands, providing info to consortium on other KPIs from different actions in SEAPs,SECAPs and SUMPs as well from Smart city projects.

  • Regulatory, legal and environmental aspects with applications in Croatia, links between Smart island initiative , Clean energy for all EU islands declaration and national legislation for islands.

  • Working on development of IPT tool and its application and validation on Croatian islands, links between different methods and tools, testing on demonstration and replication islands in Croatia, EU.

  • Knowledge transfer from analysis of innovative grid assets and analysis to improve flexibility services fostering Croatian islands decarbonisation.

  • Data collection and analysis for Island consumers profiling and demand/supply forecasting tools.

  • Assisting project demonstration on Unije island.

  • Development of roadmap, business cases and exploitation strategies, best practices in EU islands.