nikola tesla d. d.


Brief Description:

Ericsson Nikola Tesla is a leading regional supplier of communications products and services in the operator segment and supplier of innovative ICT solutions related to health care, transport, public administration, communal services and multimedia communication.

Thanks to the activities of the Centre for research and development and expert centers for customer service, the company is the leading Croatian exporter of knowledge. As part of a global corporation, Ericsson operates in the regions of Western and Central Europe (RWCE). The company cultivates a reputation of socially responsible business owners that his strong reputation, i.e. name, builds on credible work and quality relationship towards all stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and the wider community. Promotes sustainable development because it is a business strategy aimed at balancing long-term growth and competitiveness in the changing external conditions with an impact on the economic, environmental and social development.

Vision: the regional leader in the ICT industry that encourages and directs the development of communication.

Mission: to create an innovative ICT solution that improves people’s lives by creating a new value for the business and general community.

Main task and responsibilities:

The main task of Ericsson NT within this project will be the establishment, testing of analytical, and communication infrastructure in the context of testing telemedicine applications and systems for Smart agriculture.

In co-operation with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka, the concept of Smart 5G Health Check Robot is to explore the possibilities of establishing an autonomous medical outpatient clinic on an isolated island that would allow for a set of health checks and the concept of Medicine Vending Machine to provide the first set of first aid medicines. Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka is developing Health Check Robot that would be used to test communication latencies (in 4G and 5G infrastructure) responses if robot is controlled from remote medical facility.

Another set of tasks is to check IoT environment for smart and sustainable agriculture, where through an autonomous system based on the networked IoT platform, ensure optimal irrigation with water obtained from desalinisations. The concept enables analytics and decision-making in real-time through the monitoring of electricity production in the solar power plant, the battery life of the battery system, estimated energy consumption by regular island users, weather forecasts and other factors and to propose optimal energy consumption for the plant irrigation system.