energy storage, s.l. (aes)


Brief Description:

Albufera Energy Storage is a private SME expert on energy storage solution that was established in March 2013 and it is composed of people who have long experience in traditional technologies of energy storage, electrochemistry, materials for the batteries development, energy storage applications and business and R&D projects (at national and European level).

Albufera Energy Storage takes as its starting point, the future development of the energy needs and Smart Grids, according to the strategy set by the EU confirmed for the next 40 years.

  • The integration of renewable generation sources in the transmission and distribution grids of electricity.

  • The generation of electricity distributed, that is to say, starting from multiple sources delocalized in the European energy map.

  • Active Power Demand where the user will have generation resources available, in addition to the consumption, and sufficient information for its management.

  • Clean transport on our environment with more efficient vehicles (hybrid and electric).

To do so, Albufera has focused his work in 4 big strategic lines:

Development of new technology of batteries based on Aluminium electrodes:

Albufera Energy Storage is very active on the innovation tasks, participating in 2 European projects in the framework of Horizon 2020 in different sectors (new materials, energy applications and supporting ICT actions) and leading three national projects in the side of new materials and technologies for the energy storage funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Ministry of Defense.

Integration of the energy storage solutions at different applications:

From renewable energies integration until electrical vehicle, UPS systems, Telecomm solutions, Military devices, etc. Albufera Energy Storage has developed a proprietary method based on an electrochemical system, whose advantage is the ability to be adapted to the specific needs of each customer, by designing and supplying energy storage systems based on commercially available battery technologies and hybrid configurations: Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium-ion, Primary cells and ultracapacitors

Technical Advisory and training:

Throughout both generic courses and ad hoc training in company: Albufera organizes a “Specialized course of Energy Storage Systems based on electro-chemistry”, twice a year in Madrid. The course addresses the different aspects that form the energy storage solutions, their applications and the need, in a comprehensive way.

On the other hand, Albufera also organizes specific courses on different technologies and areas, which focus on the client’s employees. Albufera Energy Storage annually organizes the International Metal- air batteries International Congress (MABIC), which brings together researcher and experts in the field of metal-air batteries.

Collaborating with circular economy and recycling processes:

And preparing a new value chain for the light electric vehicles, due to different agreements with manufacturers of vehicles and waste management companies.

Albufera Energy Storage has experienced significant growth since its launched in 2013, that has been motivated, not only by its important research activity on new technologies of batteries based on Al electrodes, but also by the fulfilment of the commercial objectives foreseen, as well as by a commitment to the difusión of the improvements and the advances in different communication media and exhibitions.

Main task and responsabilities:

Albufera (AES) will actively participate in the modelling, simulation, engineering and equipment development for the LightHouse demonstrations and in Madeira demo, being considered part of the Madeira Lighthouse partners.